In Response to: Remembering Alan Krueger

I did not know Professor Krueger, but his death by his own hands does sadden me. That someone who apparently could over many years be an important mentor for countless students and an excellent member of the "Dismal Science" of economics should take his own life says something. What does it say?

None of us have lives of only joy and peace. But most of us are able to overcome the bad times without taking drastic action. People die of all sorts of diseases for which there are medical solutions and medications and therapies. Those who take their own lives, at any age, how are they to be judged or considered? Some would call them cowards, thoughtless about the pain their departure would cause many others. Others see in suicide a rational choice, depending on the circumstances.

I see the failure of psychology, the failure of therapy and therapeutic medicine. The failure of learning. I respect Freud and his accomplishments, but in the eight decades since his death, I see no sign of his school or of rival schools of psychology accomplishing very much.

Norman Ravitch *62
Savannah, Ga.