In Response to: Coping With COVID-19

I understand the actions taken by leaders in government, industry, and academia in the heat of the COVID-19 crisis. We were all dealing with seemingly reliable representations that were truly alarming.

What is a little less easy to understand — or excuse — is the current lack of intellectual curiosity about very clear statements, well supported by reliable data, from qualified public health and epidemiologists academics at places like Stanford and Yale that there was a most definite “spirited overstatement” of the case (I’m being polite) by entrenched members of the federal health bureaucracy who have a long history of making alarmist statements that later prove to be false.

I respectfully suggest that Princeton take the lead and join with other Ivy League schools and top tier academic institutions and take aim at the tyranny of the NIH which is the source of many problems, intellectual, scientific, social, and now economic.

Our country simply cannot continue to be viable with the current people and system in place.

As the results of their handiwork have demonstrated in this latest episode, they are far more dangerous and destructive than any pandemic or military threat our nation faces.

Kenneth McCarthy ’81
Tivoli, N.Y.