What happened in McCosh 50? That’s easy. Type “Daily Princetonian archives” into Google, and find your way into “The Daily Princetonian: Larry Dupraz Digital Archives.” (Larry was a Princeton Packet pressman assigned to the Prince account, who became the newspaper’s resident grown-up for many years.) Inside the archive, type “McCosh 50,” but first, do yourself a favor. Navigate to “Advanced Search” and limit your search to, say, hits for “McCosh 50” in your own years at Princeton. 

My own browsing turned up a McCosh 50 lecture by the civil rights leader then known as Stokely Carmichael (Sept. 22, 1966); a midterm English 201 exam (Nov. 1, 1966); and a poetry reading by W.H. Auden (March 6, 1968). 

Be careful, though: you might get lost...

Peter G. Brown ’70
High Falls, N.Y.