In Response to: Hire the Tiger

I was surprised and pleased to see Julia Walton '21 featured in this article. As part of an outreach initiative, the Center for Career Development asked alumni with openings in their orgs to advertise internships. At Chestnut Review, the literary magazine for which I work, I advocated for positions to be created, and we ultimately selected Julia as one of three “Princeterns.” She has been a force in our small organization and I believe she will be a great hire. I graduated in 2008 and struggled to make my way for years in the job market, so it’s been a pleasure to extend growth opportunities to other Princetonians. I also hope to model unconventional success as a first-gen college student who struggled mightily during my undergrad years and didn’t have a clear picture of what my afterwards would look like, let alone the broader context of the Great Recession.

Maria S. Picone ’08
Leominster, Mass.