In Response to: His Secret Life

Aren’t those who deny the evil they are involved with known as sociopaths? I commend PAW for printing this excellent piece. Like poor Mr. Schevitz, many among Princeton academic luminaries are closet or open Communists, rapt in a gross embrace with a romanticized ideology whose success requires forced compliance of the populace by a superior ruling class. This letter is not a blanket approval of unfettered establishment capitalism. Nor yet of the new trending global corporate benevolence entwined to the media, entertainment, and academic industries in flagrante that looks curiously like a new brand of Communism. There continue to grow, among the young, educated and uninformed, fantasies that “it just wasn’t done right,” or “Scandinavia does it right,” simply a total failure of education on the 20th and 21st century Communist mass murders and socialist social failures. Lenin himself considered socialism a vital gateway drug.  There is no need for me to go into depth here on its evils. Enough American-emigre alumni have first-hand experience with the #CommunistLife that a whole course can be taught. And perhaps coursework is necessary, for all, as we applaud ourselves for divesting from clean regulated American fossil fuels thus impoverishing our middle/working class, while supporting rare-earth and other investments with a certain totalitarian global power vying for the world record in human rights atrocities. 

Dorina Amendola ’02
Scranton, Pa.