In Response to: Still Madly for Adlai

Thank you for the fine piece on Adlai Stevenson 1922 by Mark Bernstein ’83, which was refreshing its critical balance about the man, and which raises so many parallels in our time with the likes of Hilary Clinton. Raw elitism is not a mirage, and it is sound that the PAW especially gives that caution voice.

As an MPA student at the School of Public and International Affairs from 1970 to ’72, I valued the quote from Stevenson on the wall of the entry hall of that building, in raised letters against the wood: Something like, “A democracy is a society in which honorable men can disagree honorably.” I referenced that many times on my return to life in Canada. It is all the more poignant in our times, clearly. 

When I returned to give a lecture at the School some decades later, that quotation was no longer on the wall. Has it been restored? Was there a reason for its displacement?

William Thorsell *72
Toronto, Ontario