In Response to: Time to end a sport?

I was stunned that Stephen Bednar suggested the end of the sprint football at Princeton. He is the first former player in my experience who does not enthusiastically support the program despite the recent spate of losing seasons.  

Sprint is for those who were told their whole lives that they were too small to play football but still strapped on the pads for the love of the game. They endure about the same amount of toil and pain as their heavyweight colleagues, even though they will never enjoy the same kind of attention. Instead of glory, sprint footballers get a few moments of on-field exhilaration and lessons about discipline, dedication, and teamwork that last a lifetime (for most of us).

Instead of dumping sprint, the University should promote it actively. After its record-setting losing streak, Princeton sprint football is now the ultimate underdog for the ultimate team sport. Every student who played football in high school should certainly join, and athletes of other sports should give it consideration. After all, playing football is undoubtedly the best way to spend a Friday night in the fall.

Joe Salerno ’84
West Windsor, N.J.