Let me suggest that rather than being so concerned about whether and how much the pro-Palestinian protesters violated University regulations or were tainted with antisemitism it would be better for the University, the president included, to usher in a debate on the far more important issue of whether Princeton’s endowment should make any investments in businesses whose operations support Israel's decades-long oppressive occupation of the West Bank, its blockade of Gaza, which began in 2007, and now, Israel’s genocidal attack on the populace of Gaza. Surely the horrifying tactics of the IDF call for a reexamination of whether the University is playing an indirect role in this and if it is, whether it’s time to stop. In your article on Andrew Golden, he is quoted as saying “The endowment should reflect the values of the entire University community, which more often than not are messy and contradictory.” Well maybe it’s time to see if the University community is clear on its values in this case, and if it isn’t, why it isn’t.

Martin M. Tweedale ’59
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada