As every woman — and Triangle Club member — knows, a little makeup and a cute outfit can really transform one’s appearance! These before-and-after photos of the traditional Triangle kickline are most likely from Tour de Farce, the club’s 1961–62 production. Don Marsden’64, graduate secretary for Triangle’s board of trustees, helped PAW identify some of the dancers. Perhaps other Triangle alumni can name the rest. According to Marsden, students in the rehearsal photo probably include Jack Gunther ’63, the late John Rife ’63, Jean-Louis de Turenne ’64, Bert Wunderlich ’62, Yan Ross ’64, the late John Mintun ’62, Alexander Kennedy ’62, John Simon ’63, the late Bill Hersey ’63, and Hugh Bartlett ’62. Marsden believes the men in costume are Gunther, Rife, de Turenne, Wunderlich, Kennedy, Simon, Hersey, Bartlett, and, eighth from left, Bill Ballenger ’62.