In Response to: Diversity and Quotas

I am writing in response to a letter appearing in the July 8 issue by Hector L. Delgado. For a former university official — a Princeton University official, no less — to have such a superficial rational ability is astounding! Mr. Delgado bemoans the idea that “diversity” in the student body raises the “specter” of quotas. For Mr. Delgado, as well as many other ivory-tower progressives, diversity seems to be the Holy Grail. However, they never seem to define exactly what they mean by diversity. Why? Because as soon as you define exactly what percentage of each group you want, ergo, you have defined a quota. Why is that so difficult to understand? Why is diversity per se detrimental? Because to the degree that a given diversity criterion impacts the individuals selected, then also to that same degree are other, more legitimate criteria compromised.

G.W. Coyne ’61