Why advertise in PAW?


  • Magazines are more relevant now than ever before
  • Consumers trust print more than any other advertising medium [1]
  • The brain responds to print and digital media in different ways: Print ads are better at stimulating emotions and desires [2] 
  • There is higher comprehension when reading on paper versus a screen [3] 
  • Brand recall is up to 70% higher in magazine advertising than digital media [4]
  • In a study that measured 1,400 campaigns using a wide variety of ad venues, magazine advertising resulted in the highest return on ad spending [5]
  • Consumers tend to be more focused and more relaxed when they read print magazines, i.e., they “lean back” and this enhances retention [3]


  • The Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) provides an affluent, influential audience
  • The low ad-to-edit ratio of 20:80 ensures that your brand message gets across to our readers
  • With 11 issues per year, PAW offers unmatched engagement with our readers
  • PAW is read — including the ads. Of PAW’s readers, 83% read all or most issues, 69% read the display ads, and 32% purchased a product or service advertised
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For information on advertising contact:
Allison Sullivan, Publishing Director


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