Print production specifications


Non-bleed ads should be created to the dimensions (w x h) below. Ads are centered on the page with a white border all around.

Bleed ads should be created to the dimensions (w x h) below. Live matter — important graphics and text — should be ¼" (.25) from all four sides of the ad. Add an additional 3/16" (.1875) of artwork to all four sides for the bleed. Set crop marks outside the bleed area so they do not print. See diagram below.

Ad Size Non-Bleed Ads Bleed Ads
Full page 6.875" x 9.625" 8.125" x 10.875"
2/3 vertical 4.5" x 9.625" 5.125" x 10.875"
1/2 vertical 4.5" x 7.25"
1/2 horizontal 6.875" x 4.75" 8.125" x 5.5"
1/3 vertical 2.125" x 9.625" 2.75" x 10.875"
1/3 horizontal 4.5" x 4.75"
1/6 vertical 2.125" x 4.75"
1/6 horizontal 4.5" x 2.25"
1/12 2.125" x 2.25"
Two-page spread 16.25" x 10.875"


Live matter: All live matter — important graphics and text — should be 1/4" (.25) from the trim size on all four sides to ensure that these elements do not get cut off in the finishing process.

Trim: The orange line indicates the trim size — the size of the finished publication after it is printed and trimmed.

Bleed: Bleed equals trim size plus 3/16" (.1875) of artwork on all four sides. This extra 3/16" (.1875) is required to ensure the ad extends all the way to the edges of the finished page. Set crop marks outside of the bleed area so they do not print.

Advertising requirements


Acceptable File Formats

PDF files (PDF/x-1a preferred)

Photoshop image-file formats including TIFF, EPS, and JPEG (high quality)

Other formats may be acceptable but must be approved in advance by the advertising director

Line Screen 150 dpi


  • Fonts must be embedded in supplied PDF


  • Images must be linked and updated, embed images for PDF and EPS documents
  • Do not scale images to more than 120% in layout application
  • Effective resolution of CMYK/grayscale/duotone images should be 300 dpi (plus or minus 20%)
  • Effective resolution of line-art graphics should be between 600 and 1200 dpi, placed at 100% or smaller


  • Specify four-color process colors (CMYK). Convert RGB colors and spot colors to CMYK. If colors are left to be automatically converted to CMYK by the page-layout application or print house, they will be converted at advertiser’s risk
  • Avoid very heavy black. Colors in the document palette (and in images) should not exceed 300 in total ink coverage (i.e., the sum total of C, M, Y, K values)

Paper 40 lb. Escanaba matte; Cover: 100 lb. Influence matte


Acceptable File Formats

  • Ad size is 300 x 250 pixels 
  • All common formats accepted including JPEG, GIF, PNG. We will consider all forms of Rich Media 
  • File size limit is 1 MB 
  • Destination URL must be included 


Contact the advertising director for production specifications.

For information on advertising contact:
Allison Sullivan, Publishing Director


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