Philip Hsieh died of leukemia on June 8, 1998, in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Born in Canton, China, he attended Pui Ching School in Hong Kong before coming to the US. Philip studied molecular biology at Princeton and later obtained his PhD at the U. of Colorado.

Afterwards he moved to Boston where he did postdoctoral research and joined Biopure to work on blood substitutes.

In 1986, Philip moved to Thousand Oaks to work at Amgen. There he helped develop the manufacturing process for Epogen, a protein that stimulates red blood cell production. He was active in the local Chinese community and in his church. In addition, he enjoyed photography and building model airplanes.

He is survived by his wife Angela, son Edward '99, and brother Bill. The class offers his family its sympathy.

The Class of 1973

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Undergraduate Class of 1973