Jim Hartshorne died Dec. 22, 1994, of cancer. From Princeton, Jim went to Cornell with the V-12 contingent, eventually joining the Marine Corps as a 2d lt. He received his B.S. in biology from Cornell, an M.S. in zoology from the Univ. of Lausanne, and a doctorate from Cornell in ornithology. He invented a unique sound isolation chamber to test the vocalization of the bluebird.

While at Princeton and Cornell, Jim ran cross-country and varsity track, captaining the 1944 track team. While in Lausanne, Jim met and married Mary McMurray, a fellow American student, who died in 1962. Returning from Europe, Jim became an expert in exercise psychology, participating in the formation of Run for Your Life clubs.

In 1968, Jim became Natl. Masters (over 40) Mile Champion and runner-up in the half mile at San Diego. Jim founded the Finger Lakes Runners Club and the Masters Mile at Cornell, later named the Hartshorne Mile. Just before he was diagnosed with cancer, Jim won the World Indoor Rowing Championships for his age group.

Jim's survivors include his son, Tom '76; his daughter, Kim; and his sisters, brothers, and grandsons. Jim will long be remembered for the inspiration he gave to all ages in developing exercise and health programs. The class extends its sincere sympathy to all his family and friends.

The Class of 1946

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Undergraduate Class of 1946