In Response to: A new round of rankings [6]

The recent PAW article entitled “A New Round of Rankings” (Notebook, Sept. 24) covered the University’s rankings in various publications. It was great to see that Princeton continues to rank high in publications such as Black Enterprise and, among others.  

Princeton has earned one impressive recognition, however, that went unmentioned in the article. Hispanic Magazine in March 2008 ranked Princeton as the No. 1 college in the country for Latino students in a comprehensive review of the “Top 25 Colleges for Hispanics.”  

As a Latino graduate of Princeton and a member of the Princeton Board of Trustees, I am proud that Princeton University continues to be recognized as one of the best colleges for students of color from different backgrounds. This fact should be emphasized at every opportunity in order to promote and continue the college’s appeal to students of diverse backgrounds — not to mention the opportunities that Princeton continues to create for students of color.