Woodrow Wilson didn’t merely re-segregate the Civil Service. He didn’t merely give us the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve, where the latter has arguably never saved us from anything unless you believe in Keynesian mythology and where the real estate loopholes (deductibility of interest, property taxes and state and local income taxes) in tandem with the extreme progressivity of the former did much to inflate housing prices in the first place. He didn’t merely give us the “wonderful” 14 points in his attempt to become President of the World via the League of Nations after getting us into WWI during the first month of his second term of office on the flimsy pretext of the Zimmerman Telegraph (wherein Germany was going to fund Mexico’s military Reconquista of the Southwest). No, even before blaming Mexicans and Germans for the “necessity” of his getting over a hundred thousand Americans slaughtered for no apparent reason so that Wilson could get a seat at the Versailles talks, he bombarded Veracruz when an American sailor was jailed for insulting a Mexican woman. So it appears that Wilson had a problem with Hispanics as well as blacks. This is why America gladly elected its first black President, the much falsely maligned Warren Harding, after it had rightly been fed up with two terms of Wilson with his wife running the show during a good part of his second term. Stocks soared, crowds cheered, and when Harding was poisoned to death by his many enemies, millions of Americans, black and white, poured out to mourn his passing. I can’t imagine renaming any institutions at Princeton just because of Wilson’s obvious racism and questionable value as a President, but let’s not whitewash this champion of statist tyranny.