I worked in the Reserve Room all four years starting in 1970. The co-workers were the greatest crew ever. Also, you could get the book or article your professors had put on the weekly reading list without fail. The boss was Ella Reilly, then Capriotti, who was always helpful. There was a kind of jargon among us staff. Econ students would always ask for “Branson’s Notes," which were cardboard-bound volumes for Professor William Branson. But sometimes there were requests for an article by some theologian or philosopher, and they were never under the name. You had to learn what title had the article from a worker from the last shift. This often applied to "The 12 Tables” and many other things I’ve long forgotten. I think there was something called “The Oracles” and at least another perennial.

Now I guess it’s all online or PDFs. My last walk around in Firestone showed no trace of this place on the ground floor.