Ed was born in Scarsdale, N.Y., and came to Princeton from the Chaminade High School on Long Island. At Princeton he majored in chemistry, joined Terrace Club, and was a member of the Catholic Club and the Chemistry Club.

After graduation, Ed spent three more years doing graduate work in chemistry and then worked for Esso Research and Engineering Co., until he transferred in 1968 to Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co. His work took him to Cleveland and then to Dallas, where his wife, Ginny, died in 1997.

After Ginny’s death, Ed decided to move to an entirely different career and went to work for Barnes & Noble selling books in a Dallas superstore, where he enjoyed the personal relationship with customers and was able to promote books by John McPhee and host a visit from George Gallup. He also developed an active lay ministry in the Roman Catholic Church as a liturgical reader and Eucharistic minister.

Ed died March 30, 2018, in Dallas. He is survived by two sisters, Hope Baxter Gusmer and Nora Baxter Weber, whose husband, Marty, was in the Class of  ’58.

Class Year: 
Undergraduate Class of 1953
Graduate Class of 1955

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