There is no better example of the deserved criticism of Jesuitical thinking than the author's distinction without a difference that the magazine published by Jesuits does not officially represent Jesuits. Surely, you jest.
As a father of two daughters currently attending outstanding Jesuit universities, I am appalled your magazine (a limited circulation publication that speaks for whom again?), has withdrawn support for Judge Kavanaugh in "the best interests of the country."

St. Ignatius Loyola, the soldier saint, is rising from his grave to protest such cowardice and treason concerning one of his own sons.

Ms. Ford's story is full of holes, though it appears she has convinced herself of it. Nevertheless, this outstanding man is pilloried without the benefit of the doubt, echoes of Duke and UVA. Your withdrawal abandons concepts of Judeo/Christian justice. Is it in the country's best interest to cast this man out as demanded by the media and the Democratic establishment? No spine there, and extraordinarily poor judgment "in the moment," "trying to get it out last night." Rush to judgment and destroy the judge -- great job of that.