Roger died Feb. 10, 2021, at home in Darien, Conn., in the company of Marty, his wife of 64 years. Roger’s remarkably full life embraced a wide range of talents and interests — Air Force fighter pilot, scientific-instrument entrepreneur, marriage and relationship coach, dressed-up hospital clown, prison parolee guide, and devotee of sailing and dancing, both ballroom and country.

Roger was born Nov. 21, 1933, in New York City and graduated from Andover. At Princeton, where his father was a member of the Class of 1926, he joined Cap and Gown and majored in chemical engineering. He roomed senior year with Doc Castle, Ed Sawyer, Dick Strickler, and Bob James.

After three years in the Air Force and working for a couple of tech companies, he started and ran an optical scientific instrument company for 25 years. Then he and Marty led Marriage Encounter weekends for seven years before founding the Engaged Workshop, which trained couples to lead marriage and relationship workshops throughout the United States and beyond. He was also “Dr. Pocket” a volunteer clown, wandering Stamford Hospital to cheer up patients, and spent a night in a flophouse on the Bowery to see what that side of life was like.

Roger is survived by Marty; son Jeffrey; daughters Louisa, Jane, and Katrina; and nine grandchildren.

Class Year: 
Undergraduate Class of 1955