Frank died Dec. 7, 2020. He graduated from Melrose High School, playing varsity football and track. His guidance counselor suggested applying to Princeton, which he eventually chose for its academic challenges and beautiful campus.

He majored in biology and was a member of Terrace Club. A fond memory of his was during a lecture — the gentleman beside Frank reached out his hand and said, “My name is Albert Einstein. And what is your name, young man?” He heard Dr. Einstein exclaim several times during the lecture, “Das ist wunderbar!”

Frank pursued a master’s degree in biology but changed course to join the family business, G. Giovino Co. With that grounding, he founded Westwood International and formed a joint-venture partnership with Kodak, where he transformed Peruvian sardines into the taste and texture of canned tuna. He pursued other business ventures in Russia and China.

Frank had the utmost love for Princeton. He interviewed high school students for admission, was PANE president, and founded the Tiger Tent with classmate Bruce Ocko in 1985. To this day, the tent is raised adjacent to Harvard Stadium and sells out at every Princeton-Harvard football game.

Frank is survived by his wife of 61 years, Lucille; their three daughters, Adrienne ’83, Ann Margaret (Cornell ’84), and Mariana (Brown ’87, U. Michigan ’04 Ph.D.); and their respective families.

Class Year: 
Undergraduate Class of 1956