One of our dyed-in-the-wool Canadian brethren, John died May 30, 2022, in Ottawa.

Growing up in Montreal, John came to us from his first American sojourn at Exeter. He played soccer and hockey there and with us, while eating at Terrace, living in Little, and majoring in history, where he wrote his thesis on the “Development of the American College into a University.”

Afterward, he returned to Canada and Queen’s Univeristy Law School. With his degree, he interned in the Department of Justice, then decided to take his expertise to the Department of Finance, where he spent the remainder of his career in public service. He traveled extensively with his many friends, always with the twinkle in his eye that we well remember.

John is survived by his sister, Janet, and her family. With them, we will aways be grateful for a classmate who broadened our horizons while leaving us with a smile.

Class Year: 
Undergraduate Class of 1970