I suppose the gender-neutral housing policy (On the Campus, Nov. 18) makes sense if one subscribes to the empty notion that this is an enlightened age in which there are no absolutes such as morality, ethics, God-given commandments, accountability, etc. If each man is his own god, then he can make the rules as to which actions he takes are right or wrong.

Is there an ethical stance of the administration and the trustees? Princeton was founded by men to teach others about God as well as to provide a college for liberal arts and sciences, where students would “behave themselves with Sobriety and Virtue.” PAW articles over the years have shown that sobriety for young adults has been a daunting challenge. Now that the current administration and trustees have allowed, perhaps even promoted, the gender-neutral housing policy, there is a distinct challenge to virtue. Surely the founders are revolving in their graves at an even greater clip.

I believe Princeton will suffer a decline in contributions. Who wants to contribute to an institution that puts stumbling blocks in the path of rising adults? You seem to pander to quasi-adult students and confused-gender students (LGBT) in the name of equality, non-discrimination, and political correctness. If alcohol is a problem for rising adults, what about cohabitation?

It is past time that Princeton return to moral leadership in the administration of its students. I suggest you seek wise counsel from Professor Robert George and (gasp) even from the Bible. God does not wink at any of our indiscretions. Even a laissez-faire attitude is like leaving the barn door open. It is wrong, and we are accountable for our actions. Perhaps students could be taught the ways of success to include God, honoring others, and moral integrity without putting social experiments in their way.