Surrounded by his family, John died Aug. 30, 2022, in Reno, Nev., after a series of strokes.

John prepared for Princeton at Pembroke Country Day School in Kansas City, Mo. At Princeton, he was in the electrical engineering department and ate at Dial Lodge. He was a member of the Savoyards, worked at WPRB, and was a photographer for the Bric-a-Brac.

After Princeton, he traveled west to Stanford, where he earned a master’s degree in mathematics and later a master’s degree in computer science. After some time at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory, he joined Hewlett-Packard in 1967 as one of the first employees in its new computer division. Married to Sue Ungermann in 1981, John left Hewlett-Packard that year so that he and Sue could “retire” to Incline Village, Nev., to raise  a family, starting with Sue’s two children from  a previous marriage and adding two children  of their own. They remained in Incline Village for the rest of John’s life, acquiring an RV that took them, each year, on long camper trips across the United States, supplementing their travels abroad.

The class extends its sympathies to John’s survivors: his wife Sue; children Annette, Scott, James, and Lee; and several grandchildren.

Class Year: 
Undergraduate Class of 1959