Bob was born and raised in Bath, in the New York Finger Lakes region. He came to us from Andover. At Princeton,  he majored in English and served as social chair of Quadrangle, where he was a regular in a post-luncheon bridge quartet. 

On graduation, Bob undertook a career in insurance, first earning his Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) qualification at Buffalo University. He then entered a management training program with Insurance Corporation of North America and served the company in four different locations through 1968. He settled in Rochester, N.Y., where, after a series of partnership relationships, he established his own firm in 1986, which he maintained until its sale and his retirement  in 2021.

Bob was active in several Rochester civic organizations, during and after his professional career. He modestly declined to have them enumerated in his obituary. 

Bob and MaryAnn met as teenagers at Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes, worked as tour guides in a winery there, and married in June of 1961. Unsurprisingly, their recreational life and many friendships centered on Keuka Lake thereafter. 

Bob died of choking complications of autonomic neuropathy Dec. 29, 2022. He is survived by MaryAnn, their three daughters, and four grandchildren. The class extends our condolences to them all.

Class Year: 
Undergraduate Class of 1960