Will died Jan. 13, 2023, of complications of Alzheimer’s disease in Belmont, Mass.

Born in Toledo, he attended Phillips Exeter Academy. He followed his father John I. Reynolds ’43 to Princeton. Will excelled as a goalie on the lacrosse team, ate at Stevenson Hall, and concentrated in sociology. His junior-year suitemates were Jim Anderson and John Spencer. All three were slight, but Will marginally heftier, and so obtained the nickname “Suite Hulk,” alternately spelled “Sweet Hulk.” His senior year, additional suitemates were Jeff Brown and John Slifko. He earned an MBA from Harvard in 1974.

Will’s career was spent in high tech with such companies as Lotus, Applicon, Graphic Communications, iMarket, and Smart Source, in the later years as a CFO or CEO. In retirement, he joined a venture-capital firm that focused on not-for-profits. Consulting to several of those companies, he had a special interest in Right to Play, which uses play to empower children living in highly stressful environments. 

Will is survived by his wife of 52 years, Margaret O’Connor Reynolds; their daughters, Elizabeth Rooney and Meredith Reynolds; two grandchildren; and brother Craig ’72. With them we remember and rejoice in his warmth and magnanimity.

Class Year: 
Undergraduate Class of 1970