Renee & Jeremy - "Yellow" - Coldplay Cover

The duo JEREMY TOBACK ’88 and Renee Stahl bring their folksy and soothing style to A Little Love (One Melody Records), an album for children featuring 10 cover tunes by artists including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Monkees, John Lennon, R.E.M., and Coldplay. Toback is a member of the band Chop Love Carry Fire.

In the memoir Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter (Atlantic Monthly Press), FRANK DEFORD ’61 recounts his early days at Sports Illustrated, his decision to become editor-in-chief of The National Sports Daily, and stories of the athletes he covered, including his friendship with Arthur Ashe. Deford is a senior contributing writer at Sports Illustrated and an NPR commentator.

Former U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate BILL BRADLEY ’65 offers his advice on issues including job creation, deficit reduction, foreign policy, immigration, and education in We Can All Do Better (Vanguard Press). He calls for reducing the role of money in politics and advocates for a third party in congressional elections.

A longtime resident of Paris, G.Y. DRYANSKY ’59 and his wife, Joanne Dryansky, share their experiences eating French food over the past 30 years in Coquilles, Calva, & Crème: Exploring France’s Culinary Heritage, A Love Affair with Real French Food (Pegasus Books). Kirkus Reviews called the book, which includes recipes from their travels across France, a “gastronomical memoir of French cuisine that combines historical facts and traditions with today’s best dishes.”

BOB MASSIE ’78 has faced a number of health challenges — he was born with hemophilia, acquired HIV and hepatitis through transfusions, and later developed liver disease. But those challenges didn’t stop him. An environmental leader, Episcopal minister, and former anti-apartheid activist, Massie tells his story in A Song in the Night: A Memoir of Resilience (Nan A. Talese/Doubleday).