In Response to: Naval ROTC to Return [6]

I would like to express my appreciation for remarks in PAW about Princeton being “a very welcoming environment for military veterans” (On the Campus, March 19). I could not agree more strongly. I left the University in the fall of 1959, at the beginning of my senior year, having had rather mediocre grades to that point. After three years of searching for alternative ways forward, I enlisted in the Army. Some three years (two with U.S. Army-Europe) and much mileage later, I wrote to Princeton about possible readmission. After an extended interview, I was invited to return, with serious financial aid. I graduated magna cum laude in 1966, after a marvelous year! Good grades, fascinating (sometimes heated) conversations with some of my instructors, and much fun — including keeping my VW illegally off campus, and a memorable moonlit game of capture the flag on the golf course!