S2 Finale: President Eisgruber's Bar Mitzvah, All-Nighter with David Drew

Bar Mitzvah for Eisgruber

Courtesy All-Nighter with David Drew

The University’s late-night student talk show, All-Nighter with David Drew, had a gift for President Eisgruber ’83 when he appeared on the May 16 episode: the bar mitzvah that Eisgruber — who discovered his family’s Jewish heritage only in recent years — never had. During a comic six-minute ceremony, he gave a seconds-long faux Torah reading (explaining the reading, he said “it was about the importance of alumni giving”), took part in a hula-hoop challenge, joined in a slow dance with his wife, Lori Martin, and had his chair hoisted off the floor by students as the Tigertones sang “Hava Nagila.” Said a grinning Eisgruber: “This is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.”