In Response to: Divestment Debate [6]

I also am disappointed and disturbed that 76 tenured faculty members at Princeton University have signed a divestment petition against Israel (On the Campus, Jan. 7). In fact, five professors actually drafted the petition, which then was circulated among undergraduates at the University. The names of these faculty members and their departments should be made public, possibly in PAW. Are the majority of the faculty members in one or two departments, or are they spread throughout the University? As an alumnus, I would like a sense as to how these misinformed and biased academics might be influencing Princeton students and the future leaders of our country. I agree with Stephen Tauber *68 (Inbox, March 4) that such anti-Israel rhetoric and discourse is simply anti-Semitism by another name. Some things never change, even at Princeton University.

Editor’s note: The names of faculty petitioners can be found at [7].