For three years I have tolerated the painful actions of President Eisgruber ’83’s administration (the Wilson fiasco, the recommendation to eliminate uses of “man” from the Princeton vocabulary, the drive for diversity for the sake of diversity at the expense of quality), all for the sake of political correctness.

Now it has come to my attention that only graduate alumni who pay dues receive all 14 issues of PAW. The University sends five issues to those who do not pay dues. This is not only discrimination, but it is stupidity. All undergraduate alumni receive all issues of PAW, even if they do not pay dues. The classes pay for this through dues collection. This, too, is ridiculous.

I understand that this problem is one that President Eisgruber inherited, but I hope it is one that he will get rid of. The University has spent a huge effort in the last few years to make the graduate students and alumni feel more included. I can’t believe that this unnecessary slight was overlooked.

For 20 years I have argued with Vice President and Secretary Bob Durkee ’69 that PAW should be sent by the University, at its expense, to all alumni. What better loyalty-raiser does Princeton have? It would be money well spent. That is why the University spends millions on Reunions and other Princeton events and programs.

If the University can’t find the money in our huge endowment, one or more alumni could be asked to endow PAW and be rid of the problem once and for all.

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