John Tierney, a retired rear admiral in the Navy, died Sept. 15, 2016, at age 92.

Tierney graduated in 1945 from the Naval Academy. After serving on ships, he entered flight school in 1949, after which he was deployed on aircraft carriers. He earned a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering from Princeton in 1955.

He flew new jets off the USS Forrestal, and eventually attended test-pilot school. He graduated at the top of his class and became a test-pilot instructor. Tierney commanded an air wing off the coast of Vietnam and led 100 combat missions. After an assignment at the Pentagon, he returned to Vietnam in command posts, including aboard the USS Constitution.

While director of plans, programs, and budgets at the Pentagon, Tierney was promoted to flag officer. He retired in 1975. He then was vice president for development at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia for five years before becoming a vice president of a company operating ports and ships for the Navy. His last position was as president of the Catholic League of the United States, retiring in 1993.

Tierney is survived by his wife, Stuart; four children; 13 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

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Class Year: 
Graduate Class of 1955