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In Response to: From the Archives: Snow Day! [6]

Editor’s note: In publishing the Jan. 10 From the Archives photo above, PAW invited alumni to send in their memories of snow on campus. Carlos Romero ’90, who grew up in Los Angeles, wrote on Facebook that his favorite memory was “building a snowman for the first time.” Here are others:

The photo shows Hugo Medina ’78 and Vasco Fernandes ’77 throwing snowballs, most likely at me and my roommates Jeff Conciatori ’77, Dennis Spates ’77, Steve Krupp ’77, and Steve Miller ’77 and best buds Linda Fan ’78 and Charlie Flowerday ’77. I remember it was warmer that day, and the heat was turned back on after the University had shut off heat to the dorms during the 1973 oil embargo. Stay warm, my fellow Tigers.