In Response to: Our Most Influential Alumni [6]

This article just had too much of a leftist slant for me. I am sick and tired of the media and my University, starting with President Eisgruber, taking untrue shots at President Trump. As an example, why isn't Jeff Bezos on the contents page as the #1 choice? Instead the author has Mueller. The problem is that the author or committee was hoping that Mueller would bring down the president, and this choice was a leftist hope for the future, which looks like it's in the process of self-destruction. Another hope choice for the future was Michele Obama, who is seldom heard from, not to mention her famous thesis which the University blocked from public view. And in 25th spot poor Jason Garrett, who does what Jerry Jones tells him, and the team kneel was before the national anthem and not during. History may well show that the mass disrespect for the national anthem primarily by black NFL players set back race relations more than we know.