In Response to: Speaking Out on Guns [6]

Congratulations to Bollinger and Smits and both their advocacy groups for gathering in peaceful dialogue on gun rights. But I wonder why any concerned person does not simply refer to the 2008 Heller decision of our U.S. Supreme Court, where Justice Scalia spent much time proving that every citizen is concerned rather than only members of a militia, as too many believe. He then summarized:
"- The Constitution holds that guns may be owned by any citizen for sport or defense against criminals.
- However, there are long-standing restrictions:
- No weapons for the criminal and the mentally ill (which means a database to be checked for any sale)
- No right to own automatic weapons such as machine guns (now including AK47 or special devices)
- No right to bring weapons into sensitive buildings such as schools, government buildings or the like."
WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED? And yet no one refers to this in the animated discussions of the subject.
I sent this to the mayors association: We can't wait for our Best Congress (NRA) Money Can Buy, alas!