Princeton University Archives

The April 11 From the Archives photo, above, was taken no earlier than the fall of 1969, when the Class of 1973 arrived on campus with the first women. While there is not enough to identify the person with the sax on the left, the others in the photo are all Class of ’73: Julien LeBourgeois (glockenspiel), Sue Petty (glock), Lainie Pittenger (clarinet), Lorna Wright (flute), and Carol Silverman (flute). The year before their arrival, the Tiger Band was pretty sophomoric and the humor was pretty much high-school locker room — all guys.

That changed somewhat, thankfully, with the addition of these and the other women who followed. The band was a great place to experience a better balance of men and women than the campus at large, and these women dealt with the craziness of the band’s antics very well. They were great sports. A tip of my band hat to them all for making Princeton and the band a much better place.

Editor’s note: Also writing to identify band members in the photo were Bruce J. Grobe ’73 and Vincent “Vinny” deLuise ’73, the PUB president in 1972–73.