In Response to: Honor-Code Conflict [6]

Why all the flap about the Honor Code? In my years, all of our exams in the various liberal-arts courses I took were statements incorporating questions with essay answers. As a matter of course we all signed the Honor Code at the exams’ end, but how could we have violated it even if one were so inclined with essay questions and answers? 

Beyond this, I could have never imagined anyone violating the code. Every Princeton classmate I knew would never even have contemplated such an unseemly transgression. I assumed all who were admitted had the highest and best ethical standards. It is one aspect of Princeton that encouraged me to apply at the outset. They treated us like gentlemen. 

Now there is a movement afoot to weaken the Honor Code? Anyone who violates the code as written has been dishonored. Undergraduates who disagree should have gone to another university. And if one violates the Honor Code, they should be shown the exit door from Princeton.