In Response to: Remembering Uwe Reinhardt [6]

I will always remember Professor Uwe Reinhardt (President’s Page, May 16) as the person who stood with the Asian alumni of Princeton to support the gallant efforts of Regina Lee ’85 to demonstrate that in the 1980s, the number of Asian American applicants increased substantially but the number of admits remained relatively flat. 

Thanks to Regina and Uwe, the number of Asian Americans accepted and matriculated into Princeton increased significantly. Today roughly 10 percent of alumni are interested in Asian and Asian American affairs, and that number is expected to increase to 15 percent or more based on the proportion of current students who are Asian and Asian American. We are finally beginning to start an Asian American studies certificate program this year. There are, and will always be, issues to unite the Princetonians interested in Asian and Asian American affairs. Professor Reinhardt was among the pioneers who facilitated progress, among his other great achievements.