Wes died May 24, 2018.

He came to Princeton from Trenton (N.J.) Central High School and majored in the Woodrow Wilson School. He dined at Dial Lodge, and was a participant in Roy Heath’s Advisee Project and the Triangle Club. He served as class archivist and was a member of the Undergraduate Council staff.

Wes earned an MBA and, after military service, a doctor of business degree from Harvard. He joined the faculty at Northeastern University and became professor of finance. He enjoyed engaging with students, who revered him for his quick wit, diligent class preparation, and thoughtful critiques of their work. He also designed courses for business people and college educators around the world and taught at MIT, Oxford, and Harvard Business School. He served as a consultant, trustee, or board member of numerous corporations. He retired from Northeastern in 2013.

In 1959 he and his wife, Betty Lou, bought a 55-acre farm in New Hampshire, eventually rebuilding the farmhouse and expanding to 650 acres, improving the land and maintaining the tree farm. They made applesauce from their trees there and enjoyed the sunsets.

Wes is survived by Betty Lou; his daughter, Caroline; sons Ted and Doug; grandson Wesley; and two granddaughters, Adelaide and Eloise.

Class Year: 
Undergraduate Class of 1954