In Response to: Jack N. Behrman *52 [6]

My father, Jack Behrman, Ph.D. (1952, Princeton), spoke fondly of his decision to attend Princeton. He made a strategic decision to pursue his doctoral training in this particular academic environment. I believe he remained grateful for that decision and for the mentor who suggested this as an alternative to other choices - knowing the kind of environment that would foster the development of my father's thinking in his chosen area of international business, trade, and economics. My parents told many stories relative to their years in Graduate School, living on pennies, and more. My mother provided a tremendous home environment and supported our family and my father in his pursuit. I believe they were very much a necessary team for all that they accomplished in raising a family and having an impactful, contributing career and family. Both Jack and Louise passed away in 2016, at 94 and 92 years of age, only weeks apart, a testament to their endearing love for one another and having lived very full lives together. Today is their wedding anniversary, and the fact that I had the opportunity to look up Princeton alumni today reminds me that they are very much still present in my life and my brother's and in all of their grandchildren and relatives.