In Response to: The View From 1 Nassau Hall [6]

I am not sure I agree with President Eisgruber's understanding of middle class; it means much more than income, and I am sure he knows that. I have been reading some Louis Auchincloss lately, after not having touched him for many many decades. I think I am learning that the American upper classes are not necessarily smarter, more insightful, more worthwhile than those below them, nor are they more selfish, more materialistic, or more immoral than those below them. I think they are mainly characterized by having more money. And money can mean many different things. Someone famous once said the rich are different from us; they have more money. The question is, do they have anything else that makes them different. I don't know.

Some comments in magazines and online about the grading of our universities mention that the important thing is not the quality of education they offer but the contacts they offer for future success in careers. I have made this comment online to PAW and am glad others see this as I do.