Many important and long overdue changes have been made in the University since World War II. However, the admission of women was, I think, an unhappy decision.

Since the war, most major all-male Ivy colleges have embraced coeducation. Apparently, educators insisted that coeducation was the only way to go. But the feminization of Princeton seems to be pervasive, invading all activities so that Princeton now seems almost to be a women’s college with a good-sized male contingent.

Gone is the distinct masculine flavor of an all-male college. The maleness of the Nassau Inn’s Tap Room has been replaced by a female, dainty, tearoom atmosphere. A glance at the Class Notes reveals that younger class secretaries are almost entirely women.

My fear is that the Princeton University I knew has been taken over by a female majority (for better or worse). I am surprised that other male graduates are not upset by these developments.

I will bet that you will not print this letter. Your masthead shows that your editorial staff is almost entirely female.