As methods of virtual teaching improve with time and expertise, universities and colleges will have to adjust and become something quite different. No longer will they be a place for fun and games in between classes. There will be few if any classes, few needs for dormitories, few needs for many building and employees. There will thankfully be no justification for slanderously high tuitions and fees, professors will have to be paid according to what they actually do in virtual teaching, they can still do their research and publishing either on campus or at home. Outside the sciences most research is done at home and in libraries and archives of various sorts. 

In other words, the medieval university will end and learning in a more modern and less expensive way will take its place. Administrators will not be needed in such large numbers and with excessive salaries, leaving their jobs to technological experts, with a great saving of costs which can be passed on to families made desperate by academic selfishness. The pandemic has worked to achieve this change whereas hundreds of years of medievalism have resisted change. 

They are many other advantages of the pandemic, but I shall refrain from mentioning them lest I get a load of criticism for insensitivity along with great insight. Thank you very much.