“Princeton in the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity” is more than a motto, it is a sacred and honored vow of our University community to use our skills and resources to serve our country and humanity. As Alumni we are honored by those of us who have taken this vow to heart and contributed so much to our country. This, above all else, is what makes us the proudest for having attended Princeton, to know that so many of our own have used their energy on earth to make our neighborhoods, our country, and our world a better place.

It is rare that we encounter anyone who has dishonored that vow, but we sadly now acknowledge that Senator Ted Cruz ’92 has shown the utmost disservice to our Nation and brought shame to our University and all we hold dear. As Alumni we are saddened and ashamed that he willfully aided and abetted an insurrection against our country, promoted lies and conspiracy theories to overturn an election, and violated his oath of office to protect a person rather than our Constitution. In so doing, he has brought shame to himself and the University community. 

We may not agree with all who attended this school — indeed skillful debate is a part of who we are — but we are obligated to use our own voice as stewards of this institution in service of the Nation. Thus we, the undersigned, call on Senator Cruz to resign, and we denounce his actions as contrary to the spirit and aspirations of Princetonians and Princeton University to make positive contributions to society.

Editor’s note: A full list of alumni signatures is available here [7].