In Response to: Administration and Policy [6]

The recent Daily Princetonian article [7] about the Honor Code and the stressses faced by those it examined for violations says nothing about prevention.

From my current enrollment, year 7 as an MA in Egyptlogy student at the University of Manchester in the U.K., I have seen the value of a preventive alternative related to plagiarism. It would also apply to the other examples cited in the article.

- Develop an online course on the issues that cause students to be cited for potential Honor Code violations, based on current examples. Require every student prior to matriculation to complete this course with attendant T/F questions.
- Require returning students to complete an abbreviated form of this course each summer.
- Have an email resource that students can access when they have questions about situations that could result in Honor Code violations.
- Provide this course and email resource to the faculty so that they are aware of this process.
- Collect and modify the course based on total number and specific issues that come before the Honor Committee each year with a goal of reductions in its referrals based on the results.