In Response to: His Secret Life [6]

Princeton’s demise: Merely as an arbitrary benchmark I have chosen Fidel Castro’s Princeton visit, April 20-21, 1959, at the behest of  his adulating admirers even then, amongst the faculty and staff of the University. Subsequently we saw a significant modification in the requisites required for even an A.B. degree. Elimination of even a basic course in political science, civics, or economics. This was accompanied by the elimination of limited religious attendance for the freshman year. Possibly a precursor of an evolving trend?

Rather than a chronicle of subsequent events from the SDS forming on campus during the Vietnam conflict through the current woke “enlightenment,” I would rather cite your magazine’s laudatory article last year, commending two recent alumnus entrepreneurs on their highly successful cannabis business endeavors. Unbelievably that nadir has now been exceeded by this even more arduous effort lauding an alumnus (Class of 1962) of this formerly esteemed institution, who was tried and found guilty by due Western judicial process of  being  an agent for the Stasi, secret police of the former East German “Republic,” and who is totally unrepentant. In case of the fact that you are unaware the Stasi were seamless with the KGB of the now collapsed USSR, replaced by the FSB (Federal'naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti) of the Russian Federation, who just happens to be engaged in a “special military operation” with Ukraine.

I was a late bloomer, blossoming well after my four years at Princeton, with multiple commands in U.S. Naval Intelligence.