The more than 72 men of Princeton University’s Class of 1972 whose names appear below speak out in strong support of our exceptional female classmates who expressed their deep concerns [6] over the leaked draft opinion of the United States Supreme Court, whose author is our classmate Sam Alito, in the Mississippi abortion rights case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

We share our female classmates’ perspective that if this opinion were adopted by a majority of the Court, it would undermine advances in women’s reproductive rights that have been established over the five decades since we graduated from Princeton.

We cannot improve on what our sister classmates have written. But in response to their challenge to every member of our class to take a stand, we write now to affirm our support for them and their expressed viewpoint. We’ve hastened to place our support for our female class members into the public record in advance of the Court’s anticipated ruling in Dobbs. In so doing, we address our classmates’ extraordinary letter and the draft Dobbs opinion, not Sam personally. If we had more time to canvass our class, we are confident that many, many more ’72 men would have signed onto this statement.

Ours was the last all-male freshman class admitted to Princeton. Our female classmates joined us in the following years, at a time of major transitions and turmoil occurring both on Princeton’s campus and in the nation at large. Despite at times enduring heavy headwinds, they have distinguished themselves, our class, and the University during our shared time as students and in all the years since our graduation 50 years ago.

We are proud to stand with them.

John Griffith Johnson ’72
William M. Fawley ’72
Michael L. Rodemeyer ’72
Norman B. Duffett ’72
Peter E. Hawley ’72
Donald H. Pyle ’72
Terry G. Unterman ’72
Jesse M. Hackell ’72
Maurice D. Lee ’72
Edward L. McCord ’72
Peter Gordon McAllen ’72
M. Duncan Grant ’72
John M. Lee ’72
Richard E. Shaw ’72
Jerel M. Zoltick ’72
John C. Roebuck ’72
Dennis P. Crimmins ’72
Robert M. Miles ’72
David W. Chapin ’72
Peter S. Unger ’72
James R. Lawson ’72
Walter D. Lichtenstein ’72
Michael E. Fix ’72
Philip Le Breton Douglas ’72
Peter E. Braveman ’72
Robert B. Van Arsdale ’72
Daniel C. Morris ’72
Charles F. Kireker ’72
Randolphe P. Swenson ’72
Bruce G. Nickerson ’72
Arn D. Flitcroft ’72
Gordon R. Whitman ’72
Owen P. Curtis ’72 *75
Robert D. Ramsay ’72
Timothy A. Harr ’72
Lawrence F. Gilberti ’72
Benjamin Zee ’72
Wilson G. McWilliams ’72
Joshua E. Greene ’72
Murdoch Bruce McKay ’72
Eric L. Richard ’72
Carlos W. King ’72
Bruce C. Harris ’72
Roderick Plummer ’72
Thurman V. White ’72
Patrick S. Yeung ’72
Howard M. Rossman ’72
Larry Saunders Gregory ’72
Andrew I. Dayton ’72
James H. Hinton ’72
Douglas J. Harrison ’72
Jonathan E. Buchan ’72
William S. Warfield ’72
Elliott McClinton ’72
Mylor E. Treneer ’72
Morris Weinberg ’72
John H. Hedeman ’72
Edward G. Lazaron ’72
Paul E. Sinsar ’72
John K. Hepburn ’72
Claude B. Hoopes ’72
Lawrence D. Rovin ’72
Phillips H. Hamilton ’72
Alfred M. Rogers ’72
J. Donald Porter ’72
Dennis M. Grzezinski ’72
Jim Marshall ’72
Charles H. Brown ’72
Edward M. Strauss ’72
David A. Jones ’72
Stephen Lane ’72
Thomas B. Yoder ’72
Martin D. Franks ’72
James R. Murphy ’72
Todd L. Hixon ’72
Mark H. Eig ’72
P. Wilson Boswell ’72             
Daniel K. Gardner ’72                  
Thomas Hanna Jones ’72