“Many alumni expressed their concern that Reunions could become a superspreader event...”

Well, it was for me.  I wore an N95 mask for all indoor events, and even wore one in the heat while slogging down the P-rade route, and still tested positive two days later.  My personal R-naught is five; secondary cases were my wife Margie ’78 (who didn’t attend), all three kids, and a classmate who also didn’t attend Reunions but visited us on Sunday before I started showing symptoms.

The good news is Margie and I were eligible for Paxlovid, were able to get it, and suffered only mild symptoms.  I’ve had worse head colds, let alone flu.  Everybody was basically over it within a week or so.

The transmission rate may have been significant, but as far as I know nobody is collecting the data, so we’ll never know.