Your item on the rebirth of Campus Club (On the Campus, Oct. 7) causes me to share old history.

My uncle, Dr. Howard Voorhees 1902, entered Princeton from nearby New Brunswick, but not from a prep school of prestige. At club-calling time he was rejected by all clubs, along with many classmates.

He and others met and decided to build a new club. Campus Club was born.

His younger brother, Clifford Voorhees 1906, entered Princeton from Lawrenceville School. He received a bid from every club, choosing Ivy.

In my era, “ironbounds” were the system – classmates registering in groups of four (minimum) to 10 (maximum). The clubs were forced to bid the whole ironbound, or reject it. No “cherry-picking.”

My ironbound of five was bid by Quadrangle, along with about 35 other classmates in their ironbounds.

Ivy Cub had a total “section” of nine. The Daily Princetonian commented, “Even Christ chose 12.”