In Response to: Temperatures rising [6]

Climate change is not a debate; it's a value – indeed, a responsive sensitivity to the environment that can only make the world a better place, spurring energy independence as a bonus, against which any fanatical objection undermines dreaming, loving, and a universal quest for global identity. Imprisoning these visions, in turn, paralyzes the greater good of imagination (shoring our shores, if you will).

For William Happer *64 to question “Temperatures Rising” (feature, March 17), how is game theory any less presumptuous than what Al Gore had invoked back when An Inconvenient Truth hadn’t yet upgraded a charged situation into something more inspiringly sustainable? Had it not been for Gore’s brave new bitter division, Mr. Happer’s alleged “scientific breakthrough” is nothing more than an unenlightened remand for the status quo of “settled assumptions” accepted over the millennia.